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I take custom requests so if you want certain colors or you can’t wear wool or something, that is not a problem. Send me a message via Etsy and I can get started on your order. 🙂


These are my favorite. They remind me of Jefferson Airplane. Maybe it’s the colors? Anyways, very cool. 🙂


Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt–Handmade

It is that magical time of year again and I am offering once again my gorgeous Christmas Tree Skirts. How cute will your tree look with this lovely tree skirt? 🙂


I am now taking orders for these gorgeous tree skirts. I can make ANY diameter and ANY color tree skirt. These are made here in the USA (California) and sewn by me. I do not use glue to make these. Sewn is much better and I am sure you agree. 🙂

The skirt pictured is a mix of muslin, vintage lace and upcycled lace from curtains. I can use upcycled curtains or new lace. That is completely up to you. I only have a few lace curtains right now on hand so get your order in quick if you want that option. Otherwise, you can choose your colors of lace and muslin (natural or white or both).

Here are some options for you (feel free to change this up or add in another idea, I am open to that)

  • Muslin alternating rows with lace
  • Natural muslin and White muslin alternating OR just natural OR just white muslin ruffles
  • An all lace skirt in one color OR alternating between 2 colors OR many colors of lace. Example: Want a pink tree? I can do a pink ruffled skirt. Not a problem! 🙂
  • I can also do cotton fabrics and/or burlap (cost varies)
  • and of course you can choose any color and type of ribbon!

I love making custom orders so please feel free to contact me with your ideas and color requests

*The turn-around CURRENTLY is 7-10 days. This WILL change as we get into November. Get your order in soon to beat the rush. The wait will increase as orders come in.

Contact me through Etsy, where I will set up your order and you may pre-pay through Etsy as well via PayPal or credit card. Click HERE to contact me through Etsy


Don’t want to wait? Love the tree skirt seen here? The skirt pictured here is for sale and is ready to be sent so if you want to purchase this 48″ skirt, please click here


Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to making you a lovely ruffled tree skirt for Christmas.